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Discover and rank exciting STEM careers in guided by top professionals from leading companies. Explore your future

What is LifeJourney?


83% of students want career advice from professionals in cyber and STEM fields, but only 20% get it. That's why there's LifeJourney. LifeJourney is a career exploration app where leading cyber and STEM mentors share their insights, passions and career guidance with you to decide if you want to make their profession your journey.

Subscription to the app is free to all students participating in the Security Advisor Alliance Converge Tour Program. It delivers new mentors and content to you monthly.

Cyber and STEM Mentorship

Get access to the best mentors in cyber and STEM with LifeJourney. Leading employers nominate one or more of their people to become LifeJourney mentors. The mentor's career journey is an interactive, on-demand web experience called a LifeJourney. You'll experience the soft skills and hard skills needed to pursue that career. You can change mentors and understand how to connect your passion to your future.


Key Features

Take a look at some of the key features you'll experience in the LifeJourney app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

LifeJourney reverse-engineers the careers of top professionals at leading companies so you can understand them. Mentors are extensively profiled, producing an interactive experience called a LifeJourney, including videos, data on hard skills and soft skills you need in that career, a Q&A experience, the mentor's career personality and path to an internship in that career. New mentors are introduced each month. Self-discovery exercises help you plan your career and you can compare results with your peers.

How do I access it?

Click the Apple or Google app download button at the top of this webpage and download the LifeJourney app from the app store. Be sure to use our app store download buttons at the top of this page since they contain a special promo code that makes sure your LifeJourney app subscription is fully paid for by the Security Advisor Alliance.

Why participate?

All students will start a career. But did you know only 30% will find one they love? This problem can be avoided when students start exploring emerging, in-demand careers earlier. So what are you waiting for?

Does it cost?

The program is free to students participating in Security Advisor Alliance Converge Tour program. It includes new mentors and content updated monthly. If you are interested in sponsoring students outside of the Converge Tour program, or in sponsoring a school in your community, please send us a note through the "Contact Us" section below.

How long does it take to run?

LifeJourney is a self-paced program with multiple mentor experiences delivered virtually throughout the year.


Security Advisor Alliance
About Security Advisor Alliance
The Security Advisor Alliance is a nonprofit organization founded by industry leading CISOs to ignite a movement of alliance, growth & giving. The central mission is to create a network of peers that take responsibility for supporting one another, growing our industry, and giving back to schools and other non-profits. Along the way, The Alliance is here to celebrate our shared successes and have a little fun.
About LifeJourney
LifeJourney is the leader in career exploration at internet scale, with over 5 million students and 9000 teachers registered. The world's leading organizations use LifeJourney to mentor students, develop the next-generation STEM workforce, identify talent for internships and jobs and drive college admissions. The LifeJourney app is a patented career exploration technology that enables students to test drive STEM careers. Students embark on their journey to explore, understand and experience their future, led by the nation's STEM leaders.

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